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Our Gardens

The land on which the Chalets are built was probably a coconut plantation in the 19th century when the price of copra (dried coconut) was good. When the price of copra fell, coconuts became unprofitable and in the 20th century the plantation was taken over by cinnamon.

We have been removing the cinnamon and planting flowers, shrubs and fruit trees and now have a lovely garden which guests are welcome to walk around. Tina, our head gardener, is also happy to take anyone who wishes on a tour of the garden.

The main house was awarded first prize for large gardens in a National Competition in 2006. 

Tina our Head Gardener working with orchids

Berina working in the nursery

We try and be as eco friendly as we can. We collect rainwater to water the plants and pipe it to taps all over the gardens. Please do not use the garden taps for drinking water. They supply the rainwater for the plants.

We also make our own compost to help feed the plants. We ask our guests to use the compost buckets in the chalets for kitchen waste which we will then turn into compost.

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