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In 1984, Edwin Palmer, a former brewer with Guinness and Director of their Africa operations, came to Seychelles to run Seychelles Breweries. In 1996 he retired to Chepsted, the house that he and his wife Celestine had built at Sorento, Glacis, on the main island of Mahé. A water tank and an orchid nursery were inadvertently placed on a neighbouring piece of land which was largely covered with cinnamon forest, so Edwin and Celestine set about trying to find the owner of the land with a view to purchasing the strip being occupied. The owner was a British man who had bought the land in Colonial days, but after several years of searching no one was able to locate him.


A Short History Of Chepsted Chalets

Then suddenly his widow, who had inherited the land, appeared and put it up for sale at an optimistic price. After three years the land was still unsold, so Edwin and Celestine made an offer for all of it which was eventually accepted. By 2007 their thoughts turned to how to use this land. It was eventually decided that it would be perfect for the construction of some chalets, and, following two years completing all planning requirements, a building contract was signed on February 25th 2010.

After eighteen months of hard work on the part of Vijay Hirani and Narayan Construction, Chepsted Chalets were successfully completed late in 2011.

By 2017 Chepsted Chalets was doing sufficiently well to warrant adding three new one bedroom chalets. These were completed by the end of 2018.

The site before construction
Early construction
The first roof is on
Finishing touches commence
Chalets are ready
Work on the gardens begins
The chalets today
Set in lush gardens
Stunning views
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